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January 3, 2015 -  Really Sony? - Part 2

Here we go again.

Now Sony says that they will indeed release "The Interview" as a limited theatrical release as well as on pay-per-view and DVD. If you didn't catch what all the hoopla was about, see here and here.

And now they have the shamelessness to make it sound as if they are being all fearless and brave!

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As the Wall Street Journal reports:

Sony Entertainment Chief Executive Michael Lynton tried to win back that support Tuesday, saying in a statement that releasing the movie was a rebuke to the hackers. “We are proud to make it available to the public and to have stood up to those who attempted to suppress free speech,” he said.

Oh they stood up did they??

Oh gimme a freakin' break already!!! This is like a bully taking a kid's lunch money, and then when the bully is far enough away and out of ear-shot, the kid says, "Come back here I'm not scared of you!"

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Even with this limited release, analysts estimate that Sony will easily lose tens of millions of dollars on this movie because of their cowardice. If they were really standing up, they would've tried for an all-out release and tried to make their money back. And ONLY when basically the whole United States, including President Obama himself, chided Sony for their weak knees, did they then try to back-pedal.

But wait, there's more! To make their tepid attempt at a release even more nauseating, Sony Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai asked for the assassination scene to be softened and removed from international versions!!!

Yes I know that it's easy for me to sit in the safety of my recording studio and type platitudes about Sony's behavior, but I'm not the multi-billion dollar corporation that prides itself and sells itself as being one of the biggest leaders in the music and entertainment industry. And music and entertainment have always been the courageous champions of free speech and expression, no matter the consequences. If you are going to be afraid of threats from a person, or a country, because of your artistic expression, go into another business. Music, movies, and all art, should be fearless.

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